Church 1905-1959

Church 1905-1959

New Church 1959

New Church 1959










St. Paul Evangelical Church History Time Line

Late 1876 – schoolteacher Oscar Samuel petitions the Lutheran Church to license him as a minister and allow him to start a church in Cibolo.

1877 – first church building is built

January 29, 1893 – St. Paul votes to leave the Lutheran Church and join the Evangelical Church

1892-1934 – St. Paul is pastored by the legendary, unofficial “Bishop of Texas” Rev. Carl Kniker. St. Paul gives birth to a number of daughter churches, including Redeemer in Zuehl, St. John Lutheran in Marion, and churches in Converse and Leissner School area of Seguin.

1905 – second church building is built

1934 – the Evangelical Church merges with the Reformed Church to form the Evangelical & Reformed Church (E & R for short.)

1957 – The E & R merges with the Congregational Christian Churches to form the United Church of Christ.

1958 – third building is built

1966 – the terrible tragedy of the car and train wreck where Rev. Robert Breitkreutz, his wife and two young children, and Rev. Raymond Maggart were killed at the train crossing between Seguin and McQueeney.

February 1, 2000 – Rev. Brett Becker becomes the pastor of St. Paul by unanimous vote.

2001 – St. Paul celebrates its 125th anniversary.

2003 – Mr. Willie Stratemann completes the requirements to become a Licensed Minister and by unanimous vote is called to be the Associate Pastor.

January 29, 2006 – Due to theological differences which lead to other differences, St. Paul votes to leave the UCC and join the Evangelical Association and to change the name of the church back to what it was for much of its early history – St. Paul Evangelical Church.

June 2014, Pastor Brett Becker resigned his position to start a new church.

June 2014, Pastor H.W. Stratemann steps in as interim pastor.

June 2015, Pastor Jason Ford is called to lead our “Church Family” by unanimous vote from the congregation.


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